Wrangler is the everyday performance denim brand. Since the dawn of our denim, our inspiration and guide has been real life experiences. We believe that clothing should be designed to fit the needs of the people wearing it.

We have held this belief to our heart from the beginning — from 1947, when we started up in Greensboro, North Carolina. We embarked on a platform of innovation and with an idea to create the best-possible jeans, jackets and shirts for cowboys. We added special features. We added functionality. For instance, flat rivets that wouldn’t scratch your saddle, watch pockets, seven belt loops (instead of the usual five), and yoke seam over panel for keeping your wallet in place. Functional design details still remain vital, adapting to modern looks and needs.

We move with the times, often leading the way to providing more comfortable, more stylish and more innovative everyday denim wear. A wear that is just as durable, authentic and stylish as you would expect from the world’s favourite denim brand.



The Hudson brothers establish Hudson Overall Company, Greensboro, NC. They manufactured overalls and ‘work wear’.


Hudson Overall Company changes its name to become The Blue Bell Overall Company.

Blue Bell launches Big Ben overalls with sanforized denim (a denim innovation).


Blue Bell acquires Casey Jones work clothes company and with it a rarely used brand name - Wrangler.


Blue Bell starts to develop a jeans line for cowboys. Blue Bell workers take part in a contest to give the jeans a brand name, WRANGLER.


Wrangler officially becomes a denim manufacturing company with a simple ambition: to create the world’s best five pocket jeans. 1MWZ, the first Wrangler jeans, designed in conjunction with Rodeo Ben, is introduced to the American public.


Wrangler opens its first international production facility in Belgium.


The blue bell technician came up with a unique fabric weave which involved a Broken Twill line. This provided the much needed fabric stability that eliminated the twisting of the leg seam when washed.


Wrangler jeans become an icon of youth culture, synonymous with teenagers the world over.


Wrangler launches its best seller fit, Texas, named after the Lone Star State.


Launch of Denim Performance, the denim innovations platform, including innovative new technologies (water resistant denim, etc.).


Wrangler celebrates the 70th anniversary around the globe.


The first global ICONS collection is launched, reinventing 6 legendary masterpieces. In the same year, the Sustainable INDIGOOD technology is introduced, with zero water used in dyeing process.


Wrangler celebrates the Journey to 75 around the globe.